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aqua kitchen accessries

Aqua Kitchen Accessories

Aqua is one of my favorite colors and seeing it in a kitchen never fails to make me smile!

It also reminds me of summer, and with temperatures below 0 here, I think I'm ready for a little sunshine in my life! Take a peek at some of the cutest aqua-colored kitchen gadgets and small appliances that I'm currently crushing on!

 This is absolutely my favorite aqua kitchen accessory from today's kitchen crushes! It's a gorgeous owl ceramic cooking utensil holder. It would look perfect sitting near my stove!Check Price The toaster oven is one of my favorite small appliances to use. Most of the time, I'm just cooking for myself and my daughter, so it saves me from firing up the big oven on a lot of nights! This one is exquisite in aqua blue!Check Price Oh... my... gosh!!! I need this in my life! Don't get me wrong... I adore my KitchenAid mixer, but I somehow wound up with a plain, boring black! How on earth did I do that when this aqua blue KitchenAid mixer exists???Check Price I was never able to keep up with cheap plastic bowls for some reason. A few years ago, I invested in glass bowls with plastic lids and keep them stacked neatly in the pantry. Haven't lost a lid since! If I decide to redo the kitchen with pops of aqua, I'm definitely going to get these! Love!Check Price I find myself using my kitchen shears as much as I can. They're perfect for snipping raw bacon into pieces for recipes or cutting my sandwich in half... yes... seriously! I've definitely got a crush on these aqua KitchenAid shears with the soft grip handles.Check Price Can't you just see this bagel toaster sitting on the set of I Love Lucy? That pop of red against the aqua just melts my heart!Check Price I won't lie... I do as few dishes as possible! This would be lovely sitting on the counter for those rare occasions that I use one!Check Price I really want an air fryer! I've seen so many articles about them, so I've added this one to my Amazon wish list!Check Price We haven't had our countertop convection oven long, but it really seems to cook more evenly than our last one. Digging this one in blue!Check Price Because who doesn't need their eggs flipped by an aqua-colored turner?Check Price I have SUCH a crush on this aqua blue microwave oven! It has a lovely nostalgic look.Check Price Beautiful set of aqua blue measuring cups and matching measuring spoons!Check Price Whip it! Whip it good! (In blue, of course!)Check Price I have a thing for tongs! This set of 3 has touches of lovely aqua blue!Check Price I love pastel colors on the dining room table and these aqua dishes are gorgeous! This is the Signature Housewares Sorrento Collection and comes in a 4 Piece Place Setting.Check Price Can't make mashed taters without a great wire masher!Check Price This set of oversized cotton napkins would make the perfect accent for a summer table.Check Price I usually think food dehydrators are ugly sitting out on my kitchen counter, but this one is actually cute!Check Price Lord! I need about 100 of these! I tend to go through dish towels when I'm cooking! These even have hanging loops, which makes them even more handy!Check Price These woven chargers are not only pretty, but they're made to go indoors AND outdoors! Comes in a set of 6.Check Price Hello? Ice cream... pretty color... need I say more?Check Price Oooooo.... I have a crush on basting spoons, and this blue one is so pretty!Check Price These mixer spatulas are so handy when I'm dealing with icing in my KitchenAid. The silicone makes these a little springy too so I'm not forced to turn my hand at an awkward angle to scrape with a rock-hard piece of plastic.Check Price I won't lie... I don't really juice, but I know a lot of you swear by it. This is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center masticating Dual-stage Juicer Juice Extractor... say that 5 times in a row really fast! LOLCheck Price Yes! Yes! Yes! Dish towels again! I did mention that I go through a ton of them while cooking, right? These are 100% cotton bar mop towels. As a bonus, they feature a chevron pattern that I totally dig.Check Price I think I have as many aprons as I do dish towels. LOL This aqua kitchen apron is adjustable. It also has a pocket and extra long ties... my little fluffy self always appreciates extra long ties!Check Price Crushing on this aqua mini food processor. This is my favorite tool to chop onions!Check Price Can't you just see a sweet tea party on a little table like this? Featured is a 90-Inch round tablecloth in aqua blue.Check Price Isn't this blue teakettle cute? Can't you just hear it letting you know that your water is boiling?Check Price Love silicone spoons and this KitchenAid in aqua is beautiful.Check Price Because... pizza!Check Price



So, what do you think? Can you see a touch of aqua blue in your kitchen? Which aqua kitchen accessory is your favorite?

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aqua kitchen accessories

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